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Yandex AI Search algorithm Palekh and what it means for SEO

Yandex has just accounted its new search algorithm Palekh, which is aimed at improving how Yandex deals with search queries and rankings. In particular it’s aiming at improving search results for long-tail queries.

Generally long tail search queries are rarer as they are searched on less and therefore the search engine may not have categorized them. The longer the search term the more difficult it can be for the search engine to try to work out what the query is about as people often type long questions or descriptions without knowing exactly what they are looking for.

Yandex is incorporating AI into it’s search algorithms to try to better understand what users are meaning with their longer search terms. The Palekh update teaches the neural networks to identify connections between search terms and articles even if the specific terms aren’t actually mentioned.

What is Yandex?

Yandex is a Russian company that operates Russia’s most popular search engine with about 60% market share. Yandex provides many products linked to internet services, email, machine learning.

How does Palekh impact SEO?

Any time there are updates to a search engine, SEO consultants will need to figure out how this impacts search results and which are the most important factors. As with most search engines, the aim is to rank good quality content well so this should still be the main focus so there’s no need for keyword stuffing or writing unnatural articles just to try and be SEO friendly.




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