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Why your business needs a Facebook Page?

“Your business does not need a Facebook page”, said the guy who has grossly underestimated the potential of his own business. Creating an FB business account has become as important as having a website for your business.

There are one hundred and eight million regular Facebook users in India of over a billion worldwide users who are estimated to spend 8 and half hours every day on the social media platform.

Going forward, we will establish why you need a Facebook business page and why you will have to create one.

What really is the “Facebook Business Page”?

A Facebook business Page is like a mini website on the social media platform. Almost all of us know what a Facebook profile is. Facebook “page” is a business version of the personal “profile” of an individual.

The Facebook page allows you to promote your business to the Facebook users.

Have you not launched your website yet? You can still create an FB business page for the pre-launch promotions, join the relevant groups, pass on the information, check out what competitors are up to, etc.

Learn about your customers.

The Facebook page is not only because there are many users and they will get to know about your business. It provides you with the valuable information that will help you build a strategy to attract the target audience.

The Facebook insights provide you with the useful information about the users who know you and users who do not know about you as well.

Create a brand personality.

All brands big, medium or small want to associate with the users through human expressions. It is these expressions that help a brand to connect with the consumers.

Through Facebook page, you get to give a personality to your brand. You can discuss the work culture, post the pictures of your team members, allow the team to discuss their work, share their opinion, etc.

It’s not always about the “likes”.

A Facebook promotion helps you generate the new business leads. Moreover, the Facebook insights will help you invest in your campaigns wisely.

There are also campaigns to increase the “likes” for your page provided you use reliable content for promotions.

However, users’ just “liking” your page is not the ultimate goal. You will have to gather the data of your potential leads. You can create a contest campaign; declare offers, etc. to communicate with your followers on the Facebook as well.

Increase the web traffic.

Use your Facebook page to drive the traffic to your website. The target for having a Facebook page is not to entertain but to build a strong brand image. You must never forget that you are a marketer.

Hence, use the link posts to guide the traffic to your web page. There are several Facebook friendly applications that help you drive the Facebook traffic to your website.


Facebook is your best friend only if you have money! To make the most out of your Facebook page, you will have to allocate funds to promote your business.

You may have amazing content but it needs promotion to reach more people. The organic post will have the access only to the people who are associated with your Facebook page.

You can boost your Facebook content through the paid campaigns. Facebook over the years has grown more and more business-centric and is minimizing the organic reach.

In conclusion, you need the Facebook paid page as a tool for promotion for its wider audience reach. The Digital marketing agencies do not specialize only on Facebook. The Instagram and Linkedin are other social Networks. In conjunction with other social networks, you should also have a Facebook business page to create social media promotions for the holistic Social media marketing strategy.

Author: rksistu