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What is YouTube Masthead Ad | YouTube Masthead Overview

The goal of a YouTube Masthead is to provide advertisers the highest reach and awareness on the YouTube Homepage. A YouTube Masthead suits Advertisers looking for impressive reach and awareness, to increase their public view count and those looking to compile a remarketing list to follow up with engaged viewers.

Key Benefits of Mastheads

  • Gain access to an audience across a broad range of demographics
  • Creates buzz for your brand and drives brand activity across YouTube and to your website
  • 24 hour takeovers
  • Option to build a IHB Masthead or Custom Masthead


Types of Mastheads

  • In-house Build ­ IHB Masthead: 970×250 unit (970×500 if expandable), a simple and effective way for advertisers to launch a masthead on YouTube using existing templates with less complex assets and shorter turnaround time. Ask your Media Manager for more information.
  • Standard ­ Custom Masthead: similar to IHB (including expandable) with virtually limitless options for creativity and customization. Consider the YouTube masthead as a blank canvas for interacting with your customers.
  • Dynamic ­ Custom Masthead: A rich media masthead that can adjust the text, images, destination URL, and video contained within a masthead based on the time of day or the user’s location.



Benefits of IHB (In-house Build)

  • IHBs perform extremely strong, in many cases better, when compared to our custom-build mastheads
  • Minimal assets: Fewer and less complicated assets required
  • Many customizable features: including social media buttons, video carousels, image gallery, intro video, multiple exits and more!
  • shorter production time: 3­5 days depending on complexity
  • More information: Contact your YouTube Media Manager Cool Stuff


  • Remarketing: retarget users who have seen, clicked or interacted with the masthead through AdWords or AdEx
  • Creative Rotation: choice of rotating creative or Dynamic Masthead. Possible upcharge
  • Live streaming and Hangouts on Air (HOA) within a Masthead
  • Annotations: any annotations within videos (both internal or external) will also work within the masthead unit

Set up a kick off call

A kick off call among all parties is a fantastic way to ensure your masthead goes live smoothly. It’s integral to limit issues around design, technical and other issues that could happen when your masthead goes live. Contact your Media Manager to ensure you set one up!


View examples in the Rich Media Gallery ­ IHB Examples or Custom Build Examples. You can use the filters on the left hand side to view vertical specific examples.

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