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Understanding SEO Trends in Cambodia 2017

SEO is generally the battle of every SEO expert is to make their website more visible and reachable to people. Everyone wants to get the best ranking for their sites and stand above all other websites. Every SEO Expert needs to be always aware of what’s the trend, what people like more, what they are searching for most nowadays and to optimize their search engine according to it.

Promoting business online is of utmost importance in today’s scenario because people are looking for your product online and compare it with other companies. Therefore, your website should be appealing to the people in all aspects.

SEO trends are almost same in all the countries so is in the case of Cambodia. Let us have a look at some of these trends:

  • Website layout:

The first thing people in Cambodia notice is how your website looks. It should be attractive, colorful, and trendy. People will never look out for a website, which is boring and dull. Use of trendy words, pictures, and appealing presentation of website is always a plus point. In order to stand out from others there should be something unique about your website. It takes only seconds for a customer to shift to another site so it is up to you how you keep them engaging with yours.

  • Relying on internet:

In today’s scenario, whether the business is small or big, new or old have a huge competition. People in Cambodia have to rely largely on internet and is easily accessible more approachable to everyone. It has resulted in the adoption of innovations and trends for the ecommerce websites in order to survive in this business.

  • Promoting through Google maps:

Like in other countries, people use Google Maps in Cambodia as well to look out for various business concerns. Therefore, it has become another way of promoting yourself through pinning in Google Maps. It is another trending thing in Cambodia.

  • Marketing through videos:

What can be more interesting for a customer to see interactive video! This is also trending thing in Cambodia. Whether it is in any social networking site, your website or YouTube. A video can never be boring to watch. Video marketing is a great thing to promote your business.

  • Social media strategies:

Most of the people in Cambodia use social media apps, which is used by SEO Experts for their growth. A good strategy is always important in these social media apps. Various marketing camps have been started through these sites by Cambodian people to promote their products and services. Whether it is through Facebook, Twitter or any other networking sites they promote their business as it is easily reachable to people.

  •  Content Marketing:

Every business should be unique and interesting while telling their story. Content should be realistic and which the audience will remember. Marketing through content is at the peak nowadays. A good branding can be done through its content. Content is termed as the backbone of the website. Content Marketing is trending so the focus is on having a good content, realistic and up to the date.


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