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The Top 5 Most Important Facts About the Digital Marketing Industry

The stats are saying it, each and every other day, internet users are increasing and this is happening at a very rapid pace. What this means is that stakeholders in every industry are fast catching up and trying their best to benefit from this latest trend.

In 2017 alone there are now over 3.5 Billion internet users in the World according to latest data from internetlivestats.com. With the World’s total population standing at approximately 7 Billion people, what this means is that over 50% of the World’s Population is now connected online.

With this developments, businesses are now rushing in and using the internet at a large scale to reach online audiences and it’s happening really fast.

The field of Marketing is experiencing an evolution like no other. It is making a shift from being Creativity driven to being technologically driven. Back in the 90’s and 80’s marketers didn’t have to understand search and display algorithms to succeed but these days, it’s now part of the job description.

Marketing is about to be Digital first and traditional methods of marketing are being thrown to the dust. To learn more about Digital Marketing you can read my definitive guide here.

If you are not yet a believer in Digital Marketing and it’s growing popularity, here are top 5 facts that will make you believe otherwise.

  1. Companies are increasing their Digital Marketing Budgets

Let me tell you a secret, by the end of 2017, worldwide, the spending in the Digital Marketing field is going to surpass 191 Billion Dollars.

191 000 000 000 is going to be spent by December this year in Digital Marketing.

When I learnet about this, I got worried, how is it possible that companies are willing to invest that much into Digital Marketing. The answer is simple and it’s because they know that it’s the best way to reach their highly social and digital consumers.

  1. Here is what happens in every minute in the Digital Space


  1. 700 000 search queries are made on Google.
  2. 650 videos are uploaded on YouTube
  3. Over 1 million status updates are written on Facebook.
  4. 70 000 tweets are made.

And now here is the killer number 5.

Over 150 000 000 emails are sent.  To those who aren’t maths wizards, that’s over 150 million emails sent every minute.

With this amount of activity happening in the Digital Space, it would be regarded as insane for any person to brush off Digital Marketing because it’s not going anywhere. It’s here to stay.

  1. Social Media Platforms are Really Growing

 To date, the world’s largest Social Media platform is Facebook and it keeps on growing really fast. Here is an infographic detailing the user statistics of the World’s Social Networking Platforms.

On Facebook alone, there are over 1, 8 Billion users on the platform. Platforms with that many people make up fertile ground for advertising which saw companies pouring over $60 Billion into these platforms in 2016 alone.

This number is likely to keep on increasing.

  1. Search is now Dominated by Mobile

Mobile Devices are taking charge. Last year, we all experienced it when Google announced that over 50% of its searches were made on mobile.

What this means is that we are moving into a highly mobile first Digital Era.

This means that marketers now have the distinct advantage to be able to reach their customers on the go. You can share your story to a customer in a shuttle going home. Or even someone who is browsing Instagram’s feed in the toilet (literally).

  1. Seamless Experiences Really Matter

In a highly Social World, business and brands that can become Social will maintain the highest Dominance.

Smart brands are no longer advertising but they are now interacting. They are doing this by finding innovative ways to engage in the conversation without disrupting its flaw.

That’s how seamless experiences are crafted. The consumer is evolving at a rapid pace and it becomes vital for brands to evolve with their consumers.


The field of Online Marketing is really growing and this is happening really fast. The other thing I forgot to say is that there is a huge skills gap in the field of Digital Marketing, if you become the best at what you do, you will dominate.


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