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Top 3 ways to find the Right Keywords to your Campaigns

Finding keywords for your account can be done with three ways.

  • The first of which is the keyword planner. You can use the keyword planner by putting in some product or service terms that may be relevant to your business.

You can also put in your landing page or, your product category, and see some suggestions that the system thinks is related to those terms that you’ve put it.

You can sort these suggestions by average monthly searches, select the terms that make the most sense for you, and you can add them to your account.

  • Another report you can check out is the search terms report. It’s going to show you what terms user are actually putting into Google that are matching up with your keywords.

If you find any queries that are occurring in high-volume ways, you can actually add these into your account and start targeting them specifically as keywords.

Don’t focus too much on the search terms report, there can be a lot of stuff in there, so focus on high volume stuff that’s really going to matter to your account.

  • And the final tool is the opportunities tab. The Adwords system is actually going to go into your account and specifically look for suggestions that could grow your account’s keyword coverage along with some other stuff. So look for some new match types look for some new keyword opportunities it suggests to you, along with a host of other suggestions. So just keep an eye on this report routinely.

So choosing the right keywords for your account, you can look at the keyword planner for new stuff; you can look at the search terms report to see what’s coming in with your existing keyword-base, and then also remember to look at the opportunities tab to keep those opportunities flowing in.

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