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SEO TRENDS all the Way from VIETNAM

Increasing the online visibility is the main motive of every business, no matter what. The prime reason for this is the willingness to achieve more customers. So, the first step to do so is to create a website and to stand out from others. This plays an important role in the success or failure of any online business.

Just like the rest of the world, Vietnam’s major search engine is GOOGLE followed by CocCoc at a second position. The latter is specially optimized for the Vietnamese language to make their searches easier. What is different in Vietnam from other countries is that Backlinks are not their first choice. Most of the backlinks are done by spamming which is discouraged by Google and doesn’t help in boosting the page rankings as well.

Let’s look out for the SEO trends which are prevailing in Vietnam:

  • Social Media Preference

Social media is a way of connecting to as many people as you can. So, in Vietnam also, people are addicted to Facebook, just like many other countries. Other platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn are used scarcely, whereas Instagram is just blooming here. And, it is just the Facebook that is responsible for most of the businesses here. Even apps like Zalo, which is more like Viber are also used for business by Vietnamese people.


  • Love for Smartphones

Almost 40% of the population of Vietnam has one smartphone, as it is easy to carry and is cheaper as compared to desktops. With the availability of 3G/ 4G connection, its demand is increasing more day by day. As mobile search engine optimization has become very important to reach out more to the people, you must follow this trend to take your business to another level of success.


  • Content is the Priority

No matter, how well you have created a website, promoted it well on social media, if your content is not good all such efforts are worthless. Vietnamese expects the content to be unique and high quality to sell. Content should be easy to understand and more relatable to the customer. They should easily connect with the content of the subject. Customers should get what they are looking for. So, the quality and easy to understand content is the key to success in Vietnam.


  • Establishing Locally

No matter how good is your business online and how much attractive is your website, but some people in Vietnam still prefer to visit nearby shops or local markets. The first reason is that they can see the original products, touch them, and analyze the quality of the product. Secondly, they communicate with the sellers in their regional language, which makes the buyer more comfortable. Also, it helps them in getting each and every detail of the product or services offered to them. So, localization is also very important for the business here.

It seems that different sorts of trends are taking place in Vietnam. So, if you too are looking for some latest SEO trends in Vietnam, following these trends would be great for your business.






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