For all the digital marketers, it is always exciting to know what exactly is going to happen in the SEO market. And, when it comes to Macau, the marketers are always curious to uncover what’s really happening in the digital world out there. While others are busy wondering how those top marketers are managing to earn so much, here we present some of the real SEO trends that even Macau can’t avoid this year.

Macau has always been active when it comes to following the SEO trends out there. And, here’s what they have prepared to follow this new year as well.

1. Voice Search

Yes, one of the most trending tips of 2018 is to use the voice search. Because, there are always one or the other burning questions that keep on hitting the mind. And, when no one’s around, it is easier to reach our phones rather than searching for people around you. Voice activated search is trending rapidly and thanks to that valuable voice recognition software that have simplified our jobs by typing constantly.

2. Colossal swing towards Mobile

Now we are just a few months away from Google’s roll out of the mobile-first index. This simply means that Google will now rank the pages based on how well it is performing on the mobiles. And, all this is the result of a colossal swing towards mobile. This, perhaps, is the biggest algorithm changes in the Google’s history, which will change the way SEO experts look at the page rankings now.

3. Mount in Visual Search

One of the best trends in SEO, which will simply change the way we look at it now. Visual search is an exciting area, which enhances the experience of the user to another level. The internet is becoming more visually-focused, which has become a great opportunity for all SEO experts to develop more powerful and visual search engines, this year. And, as the searching habits of the people are changing, it is recommended to go by the trend, which says that giving priority to visual stuff is better for business.

4. Featured Snippets

Featured snippets are more than just tying back to voice search, where the voice assistants return all the information to you. In the past few years, a tremendous growth has been noticed in the featured snippets and the same goes for the year 2018. It is even believed to be stealing almost 10% of the traffic from all the top positions on the first page. With this trend, there is a rise in the new forms of content including Q and A content, which is created to offer short and to-the-point answers to all the questions. Also, the structured and formatted data will make it easier for everyone to pull out the relevant information for the snippets.
It seems that a few SEO trends, which was underplaying until now have become some of the most used trends of 2018. So, hey all in Macau, give these SEO trends the preference and be ready to reach new heights of success in the digital world out there.


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