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SEO Tips – 5 Hot Trends You Must Vow To Follow In 2017

Turn Up The SEO! 5 Hot Trends You Must Vow To Follow In 2017

Hola SEOers!

Don’t you believe too that time flies so quickly!

Well, it seems like a thing of yesterday that we were following all those SEO tricks created a year back in 2016. Time flew and we entered this New Year 2017, that has come up with a lot of changes, especially for all the SEO people out there.

Finally, there is the freshness of new SEO tips and tricks are here to combat those old ones. And, HOLA, these hottest SEO trends are working like magic. Believe us, those leading marketers are already using it and there has been a huge improvement in what they were doing already.

And, here we have some game-changing SEO trends that will boost your business and get the traffic to your websites like never before.

Want to know what these trends are? Well, without much ado, here we have the best tips that will boost your business right there and then.

  1. Ultimate User Experience or Nothing!

Well, sounds like a harsh truth, but this is what the customers will be expecting in 2017. For them, speed matters. And, even multiple types of research have shown that webpages that load slow results in accelerated bounce rates. The result will be the customers will leave or abandon your website.

Moreover, if the site is taking more than 3 seconds to load, chances are the visitors will never come back again.

So, take a look at your webpage and see if it is loading faster than 3 seconds for an ultimate user experience.

  1. Mobile Friendly Website is the Real Success

We all know that it is the age of mobiles. The reason being ease to reach their mobiles for searching anything is what has boosted the mobile success this year. It is high time that one should discover if his website is appearing smart on the phones.

And, if your website is showing up good on their phones, you are on the right way to success.

So, go ahead and turn your website into something that is visibly good on the mobile to gain more customers there and then.

  1. Keywords: Lost its Importance?

Perhaps, this year is not about stuffing KEYWORDS in your piece of writing. Trends says that keywords have lost the importance with the start of the year.

But, it is not totally gone. So, do not try to cut off completely from the keywords. Of course, content will always be the king, but keywords, they are important for your content.

When searching keywords from now, do not focus on exact keywords. By this we mean, Google has introduced RankBrain, which will be giving a new turn to your business in 2017.

So, do not worry if your website does not have any keywords. Relevancy is what will take it up on the Google. Just find the keywords, you believe will do good for your website and stuff it in the content. This is all your website will need this year. Don’t waste your time digging deep to look for keywords, one or two will do it for you.

  1. Prolonged Content Rocks!

You might have been relying on those shorter content in some past few years. But, hey, experts say that prolonged or longer content will simply rock in 2017.

This year will be all about longer and extended version of the content. Moreover, if you do not want to see a higher bounce rate on your website, this is the way you skip it.

It is therefore, better to turn that short in content webpage into something that shows rich in content page. Write something, prove your point with the actual statistics, and you are successful. Make them believe all the facts and figures and surely the traffic will rocket high in the sky like never before.

Well, that is simple, isn’t it? Just write some high-quality content (longer ones) and upload it on the website. Wait and see how it works for you to boost your business to new heights and new levels of success.

  1. Video: Wow them with it!

Oh well, if you are looking for online success this year, VIDEOS is an answer to all your questions. Trust us, it is the biggest thing that is going to happen this year. Yes, by one of the biggest things, we mean one of the biggest things that will amaze the visitors.

So, it is all in the video!

No doubt, it was started in early months of 2016, the trend is still going to rule the market this year. So, SEOers, create, design, and export as much videos as you can.

And, if you are finding ways to make it enticing, skim through the top blogs and websites and there you will find the videos posted almost at every place.

One of the hugest reasons why people are loving it that they are too busy to read the content. Perhaps, this is what they like about videos, that doesn’t consume much of the time and stress their eyes like reading content do.

So, why not place a captivating video and reach your customers and clients in a better and enticing way?

Go ahead, and make way to videos on your website for some awesome results right away.

SEO has always been like a moving cloud that changes from time to time. Trends that used to rule some years ago may not turn to be so effective in 2017 or in next coming years.

So, what matters here is that we should not just stick to those oldies trends for SEO. In fact, there is a great need to rely on some new trends that will not only increase the traffic to the website, but also give a boost to your business in new and exciting ways.

Isn’t that great?

Well, of course, it is! And, that is the reason you too should be following these tips to land a great business and earn a handful of bucks this year.

SEOers, we wish you all the good luck for SEO success this year.

All the best!




Author: Neha Bhardwaj

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