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SEO Daily Tips – Page Titles and description

Page titles are an extremely important part of Search Engine Optimisation and should be given due care an attention. Exact page titles can be helpul in gaining a good ranking but there are also these following points should be considered:

  • Pages need to have a unique title which should also accurately describes the page’s content.
  • Don’t make it too long
  • Make sure it tells the user what the webpage is about

Home page title: Your homepage title should list the name of your website/business and also include any other relevant information which will help the user know what the site is about. For example:

Page header example


A page’s meta tag is also crucial. It provides search engines and users a summary of what the page is about. Google may show the description as either a snippet or may use part of the pages content. A good description should include the following:

  • Unique description for all pages, post, products of your website.
  • Generally try to keep it around 150 charactors.
  • Avoid repeating the title in the description
  • Don’t try and cram too many keywords into it, make it sound natural
  • Remember that people will see it so word it in a way that will encourage people to click.



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