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SEO Daily Tips – 3 top SEO tips

1)Make the website about one main topic

Don’t try to be all things to all people. Google will find it easier to understand your site and what it’s about if you’re serving one main purpose. It will be easier for you to generate quality content with a central theme and good keyword research.

Also, viewers of the site will generally prefer if it they know what your site is about. It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to create a site that excels in many areas so it’f best to just create one that’s the best in one area

2)Make the website as fast as possible

If there is anything that slows your website down then remove it asap. Page load time is one of the main factors that Google consider so if your page is slow to load up you will suffer. Also, people have a very short attention span so if a page doesn’t load up straight away they will just go elsewhere. There are plenty of free tools around that let you see your page load time so it’s worth doing this to see if you have any slow pages.

The likely culprits off a slow page will be too many large picture files, if you have this then you can look to reduce the size of the pics and reload them. Flash graphics and website plug-ins can also slow pages down so have a careful think about whether you actually need any of the plugins you are using

3)Add fresh content as often as possible

Google loves to see a site with regular updates of new content. This helps in many ways, the more content on a site the better (as long as it’s relevant content). And if there is frequent new content people are more likely to come back to view your website to see whats new and also the more content you have the more chance there is of someone sharing the content and then you’ll gain useful backlinks

It’s always worth keeping an eye on your competitors sites to see what content they are producing. Never copy someone elses content as you will get penalised but you can write about similar topics.

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