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SEO daily tip – Competitor Link Analysis

Analyse your competitors links

Analysing your competitors sites is one of the most important areas of SEO and can lead to some quick wins in terms of getting more traffic and climbing the Google ranks.

Firstly, what you should do is compile a list of competitors in your industry, you may already know this or you can find it by Googling or also using a free search on Semrush.com as their report shows competitors to your site and how they rank.

Then you need to do some work to find out what webpages are linking to your competitors sites. You can do this by either some Google searches on each of your competitors and seeing where they appear on other forums, publications and websites. Or alternatively there are some great tools out there to find this info out quickly.

Some tools out there for competitor backlink analysis are Ahrefs, Majestic or Open Site Explorer. Below is a screenshot from Open Site Explorer showing backlinks for a website hosting company called www.wiserhosting.com.

Backlink checker

This can be a good starting point to visit these sites and try to get them to link to your site as well.

Ahrefs is another great site that gives a lot of info, it’s not free so you would need to pay for a subscription, but most of these sites offer free trials which you could use for a couple of weeks while you gather as much data as possible. We have included a screenshot below to show the kind of information you can get:






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