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How to do SEO for amazon products

“SEO” not only the google search engine optimization. There are many other large scale website that however have their own search engine. Amazon is one of the largest search engine optimization website but most peoples don’t know about that. In Amazon there are two million products.it is an online retail mega website.

amazon seo

There is a difference of between Amazon and google. Major people search in Amazon are buyers they have products so that people can buy from home without going out of home. this social marketing business website is so powerful to increase one’s business. Clients/consumers have to search in the Amazon search engine for their products.

For doing Amazon search engine there is an algorithm .this algorithm is A9. A9 was tasked with the sole responsibility of creating a better user experience by placing the right products in front of the right customers.A9 actually works to find out the right pages for the customers. It use specific on-page and off page for building their own SERPs.

However A9 doesn’t count the number of sales for each product over a long period of time.it count recent selling product. This search engine algorithm work mostly in holidays when people and special occasions. Also Amazon have categorized their product for reviewing  and rating  which is one of the most  powerful variable in Amazon page rankings. Consumers not only but their products but they also leave a rating beside it.

Amazon has CTS (click to sales) in A9. A9 count the click. a product may have lower CTR (click through rate) but  has high CTS then  it will continue to  trump the product in the rankings

It is necessary for every product to have a details for it. Also every SEO has to figure out what a page of content   is about and Amazon has it. There are many things that search engine requires. Like page title, subtitle, product details, picture of the product, Book author, editor and so many things.

And amazon has special keywords.

Special keywords are only internal to select particularly your product.

So Amazon SEO is important for customer’s product and their desire. This is a very simply designed search engine so any buyers can find their product easily.






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