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How to see traffic of other sites?

The amount of data sent and received by the visitors of a certain website is the traffic of that website. There are some ways to see the amount of traffic of a website. There are some techniques to see the traffic of other websites.

There are some other web sites that calculate and shows the traffic of other sites. So these sites can be helpful to see the traffic of other sites.

  1. Alexa:

Alexa is a website that shows the ranking of the websites based on the number of unique visitors and page views. The ranking is based on Alexa traffic measurement as well as the trafficking of other websites. Alexa calculates the traffic according to less the 1% of the web traffics which results in a less accurate measurement but one can get a rough idea from this site. It is used as a toolbar for the browsers.


  1. compete.com

Compete.com is much like Alexa but it has a specialty. It draws the information from multiple sources. But it shows traffic based on the web use of the USA. Compete can be used to estimate nearly every website of the USA. The data from the ISPs and toolbars to do their job.


3. SimilarWeb

Similarweb is a website that started as a site showing the similar websites on the internet. But now it provides the range of data including traffic analysis. It provides many information like a certain site’s traffic, the most trafficking countries, the search keywords regarding the websites and the time spent by the visitors. It also provides the pdf of the traffic report.


  1. SEM Rush

SEM Rush is a website that provides information around search traffic and this information is provided for any website. This traffic data is split according to countries. The keywords and the site names is also provided by them. They rank the websites according to the search traffic which eases the estimation work for a user.


  1. YouTube

YouTube is the website that provides the traffic in an easy and effective way. This site shows the number of visitors directly. From this site, the number of views of the uploaded videos can be seen which can help provide the estimation of the top ranked sites.


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