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What are Private Blog Networks?

What are Private Blog Networks ?

PBNs, AKA Private Blog Networks used to be quite a sucessful (are classified as grey hat) SEO tactic back in the day.  So what is a  PBN and is it still relevant in this day and age? We will answer the second question first: Yes they are still relevant. And as they are still relevant, let us delve into what constitutes a PBN and how it can help you.

Understanding a PBN: Breaking it all down

The first thing we need to do is understand what a “backlink” is and why is it so important.  It is for backlinks that a PBN is created. Let me grab your attention and tell you the most important thing in the very start; backlinks are the heart of SEO.

Backlinks: What are they?

Backlinks also known as an inbound links are created when one website links to another. Named so, because one website “links back” to a page in another website.

So why are backlinks important for SEO ? The more the backlinks to your website, the greater the vote of confidence in your website.

Backlinks act as a signal to search engines that other people vouch for the content on your website. Think of a backlink as a reference. Someone is referencing your content to make and a point. If many websites have backlinks going to your website, then your website becomes worth surfacing on SERP (Search Engine Page Results).

What is the link between a PBN and Backlinks ?

The purpose of creating a PBN is to get a huge number of backlinks leading to your main website. (by main website I am referring to the website which you view as a business).

So a Private Blog Network is a network of website which you own, used to house backlinks leading back to your main website in order to boost its SERP ranking.

So how does one go about creating a PBN ? In order to keep costs low, and not have to create whole websites with content back from scratch, most PBNs are made from expired domains. An expired domain is a website that was once very much alive and updated regularly, but for whatever reason the website owner decided that they no longer want to own that website any more and thus let the domain expire (you need to pay a small fee for owning the domain annually). So when a domain is allowed to expire, anyone can buy them.

So if you buy these expired domains, you essentially control the content and the links within the domain. So you can create or alter content on those domains to make them relevant to your website. Once the content is relevant to your website you can go about putting hyperlinks in the content which lead back to your website.

One question you would be asking is that why should you bother buying an expired domain instead of a brand new one ? An old domain was once upon cared for and has been in existence much longer, thus it has more “Domain authority”. In short if an older website puts up a piece of content it has more credibility than a new kid on the block. Google also puts more value on older domains compared to brand new ones. Older domains are likely to have domains linked back to them, thus increasing their worth. Think of an expired domain like a domain  for which others have vouched for, something a new domain will take time to get to.



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