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Online video can be much more than an awareness driver

Online video can be much more than an awareness driver. New research shows that YouTube not only drives brand metrics throughout the consumer journey—from consideration and favorability to purchase intent —but also boosts potential for positive return on ad spend compared to TV

For many advertisers, the primary goal for online video advertising is increasing brand awareness: reaching as many people as possible as efficiently as possible in the shortest possible time. And it’s certainly true that YouTube delivers; we reported back in April that 65% of Google Preferred ads on YouTube saw an increase in brand awareness, with an average lift of 17%.

But fewer advertisers have thought about online video advertising as a key channel to drive metrics like purchase intent. Here at YouTube, we get questions from advertisers like, “How does YouTube advertising impact lower-funnel metrics?” or “How will YouTube improve my return on ad spend (ROAS)?” Here we’ll share data from two recent studies that answers those questions, showing just how much YouTube can move the needle on brand metrics across the consumer journey—from consideration and favorability to purchase intent and sales.

Question #1: How does TrueView impact consideration, favorability, and purchase intent?

To answer this, we looked at all of the Brand Lift data since June of this year—hundreds of campaigns across different categories. We set out to understand how TrueView, YouTube’s skippable video ad format, moved the needle on consideration, favorability, and purchase intent. Here’s what we found:

Answer #1: TrueView drives metrics later in the consumer journey, especially after 30 seconds

These numbers tell a compelling story: YouTube ads drive increases in key metrics later in the consumer journey. Typically increases in lower-funnel metrics like these require multiple exposures over time. And yet TrueView drove lifts in consideration among 57% of campaigns, lifts in favorability among 24% of campaigns, and lifts in purchase intent among 35% of campaigns—all with one exposure.

But TrueView ads are about more than exposures: the skippable ad format gives YouTube viewers the choice to watch and engage with an ad. To understand how choice impacts consideration, favorability, and purchase intent, we looked specifically at people who did choose to watch 30 seconds or more of an ad.1Across all three metrics we saw greater results among this group, with their consideration 45% higher, their favorability 14% higher, and their purchase intent 19% higher, than the control group.2

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