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The Need for Video Marketing

From Culinary to Advanced War-Fare: Video Content is brimming with Information

Not knowing the art of doing easy handicrafts or cooking a special recipe does not seem to be a far-fetched job anymore for internet users. With the digital revolution sweeping the present generation, the efficient usage of the web not only helps the people find the most discrete information ranging from culinary to war-fare, it also helps us to be aware, alert and informed. The emergence of Video marketing and the phenomenal rise of published Video content play a pivotal role in advancement and optimum utilization of web search.

What is a Video Search Engine?

Video search engines are equipped with Algorithms that are capable of tracing out video content from within the Internet and also stores billion terabytes of Video contents hosted or uploaded by Internet users, companies, institutes or marketing organizations.

Why Relevant and Interesting Video Content makes a Difference?

The Internet is packed with absolutely intimidating amount of Video Content, with a collective playtime of more than a decade. Yet, relevant and well-designed Video content would gradually stand out from the pile and start generating views, shares, likes and followers.

SEO and Web crawlers play a pivotal role for maximizing visibility and accessibility of such piles of video depending upon relevancy of search initiated by a web user.

Basically these Software programs automatically visit the Video hosting sites and create entries for search engine index to keep the content up-to-date. Companies like Google and Yahoo uses such software to revise their index and rank Videos depending upon relevance, content, structure, playtime, popularity and other meta-information.  Some renowned video search engines which are gradually turning into multibillion video giants include YouTube and Bing. These platforms are also attracting huge mass of young talents to showcase their capabilities, skills, talents and visions, no matter how unconventional it is.  From aspiring entrepreneurs to budding street magicians, all you need to do is shoot an interesting Video of yourself and publish it on YouTube. Reaching out to a million viewers hasn’t been easier.
Video search: A new opportunity for Small and Medium Sized Business

The contribution of video search and their informative content is huge in the context of their popularity and reach. Small and medium sized business corporations are trying to break through the monotony of traditional digital marketing methodologies, by investing in web advertisements through video search.  Static text Ads are gradually getting replaced with interactive video Ads featuring celebrities, sports-personalities and hero-figures.

Business owners are proactively collaborating with YouTube channels to publish and promote Company videos, product and service videos, DIY Tip videos, marketing videos, product review and feedback videos, etc. to gain the wanted attention from millions of Web viewers.  The visual content is more likely to make way through our busy minds. Video search has helped to break through the clichéd paper or print media.

  • A cool animated video usually appeals to children and are perfect for Kid’s products.
  • 76% of business owners accept that Videos provide greater Return on Investment.
  • Videos help in building an interactive bond with customer and increase sales.
  • Google loves Videos and your video is 53 times more likely to get showcased in Google search result as compared to text content.
  • Videos are especially convenient for Mobile users, who love browsing through Videos while travelling.
  • Unlike text content, Videos can easily explain everything in a commoner’s language as compared to pages of boring text content, which very less number of viewers are expected to read completely.

Video marketing promises to be the next trend setter in the Digital marketing arena, with a remarkably high number of companies investing top dollars for creating interesting Video contents to be published on the company landing page or popular video hosting platforms.



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