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Monetizing your Blog? 4 Ways to do it Right!

Nothing is as lucrative as earning through blog these days. In fact, blogging has become one of the top ways to earn online. And, guess what, for this, you don’t even have to step out of your home. Now isn’t that amazing, sitting at the comfort of your lovely home, doing your favorite thing (blogging), and earning millions of dollars in no time.

But, how does anyone manage to monetize their blog? Is there some shortcut or quickest ways to earn through your blog? Well, if we believe the experts, yes, there are some easy-to-follow ways to get the result in a shorter span of time.

So, here we go with some nice simple-to-follow tricks to earn quickly through the blogs.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

Oh well, nothing works like affiliate marketing! As a blogger, you must always include the product or services links provided by another client on your website. And, if someone clicks that link, you get paid. So, more the visitors, better for you. Just keep these things in mind while joining any affiliate program:

  • Promote products relevant to your niche
  • Promote something that you would even recommend personally to people
  • Include a disclaimer, so that you don’t mislead readers

Take into consideration the affiliate marketing the foremost to earn through your blogging.

  1. Google AdSense

This is one of the most popular ways to get money through your blogging. Google AdSense is all about displaying some ads on your website and earning cash. Moreover, GoogleAdSense is based on two factors:

  1. a) Impressions

It calculates the total page views. For instance, for every 1000 page views, you will earn a set dollar amount.

  1. b) Clicks

If visitors click the ad displayed on your website, you tend to get a certain amount that you might have settled on with your client.


  1. Paid Reviews and Banner Ads

Let’s suppose your blog has started earning a decent traffic on the website, a business may approach you to sponsor your website. This is usually done in two ways, which are:

  1. a) Banner Ads
  2. b) Paid Reviews

In paid reviews, the business sends you the products and pays you a certain amount to write a review about it. But, one can’t obligate you just to write a positive review for their products or services. on the other hand, some will even sponsor a specific post in return for a link back to their website,

  1. eBooks

if you want to sell a unique product in the industry, writing eBooks is the key to earn a decent amount. Also, with so many self-publishing opportunities available, it is simple to get your eBook published. You can even sell it directly on your site or on Amazon for getting the amount that your eBook deserves.

Whilst there are a lot of ways to monetize your blog, these were some of them that can help you earn a decent amount through it.

So, why wait anymore, when you have such easy-to-follow ways to earn money? Go ahead and start today!





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