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How To Make Money Online Without Paying Anything – Online Surveys For Money

Online Surveys For Money

One of the easiest ways to make money online for free is to complete online surveys, all you need is access to a laptop and some time. There’s a wide range of survey companies out there, some offer good opportunities to make money and some are less good.

This article will provide an overview of what is involved in making money from online surveys and which companies out there that are good and how much money you could make using them.

The best way to approach this if you’re serious about making money online from surveys is to sign up to a few of the companies as each of them may only give you a few opportunities each month to make money.


The first company we will review is Swagbucks. They promise “Free Gift Cards & Cash for the everyday things you do online”, they do this by offering you reward points for doing things online such as internet searching, watching videos and completing surveys on various topics.

Swagbucks have their own currency called “SBs” (short for Swagbucks), these points can be converted into cash or giftcards, the giftcards can be spent at places like Amazon, iTunes and Starbucks plus many many other retailers. For those of you that prefer hard cash, you can just convert the SBs to cash via a Paypal account.

How much money can I make?

These SB points can actually accumulate rather quickly, a UD$10 Amazon voucher will cost you around 1240 SB’s and US$100 will cost around 16,000 SB’s. This does sound like a lot but you’ll get them faster than you think as there’s many tasks that can be looped into Swagbucks. Here’s the things you can do that will reward you with SB’s:

Answer Surveys

Spend a few minutes a day providing your opinions on various things will net you come great points.

Watch Videos

Watch videos from playlists that Swagbucks have put together and earn SB’s, this is a really easy way to do it as you can have the video’s running in the background as you do other things!

Search the Web

Everyone searches online so this one is easy! You just need to use their Yahoo browser and you’ll start earning money! Simple!

All of this is available via their mobile app too so you can earn money while you’re out and about!

Pro’s of Swagbucks

It’s available in many countries, including US, UK, Australia, Ireland, Canada, Germany, France, and India

Once you sign up, you will be offered many different ways of earning SB’s, the best one to earn money the fastest is by doing surveys, they generally offer between 1SB to 1000SB’s for each survey you complete.

They’re a trustworthy legitimate company, they’re up front and very transparent about everything. They’re not going to be selling your details anywhere without telling you and you can trust them.

They also offer a great referral program so if you refer a friend you will get 10% of their lifetime earnings which can dramatically increase your earnings too.

Con’s of Swagbucks

No chance of making a living from it, but it can give you some extra spending money each month

The search engine they ask you to use isn’t as fast as Google or Ask


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