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Wondering How To Make Your Content Marketing Rock? Read This.

Writing great content that goes viral is every content marketer’s dream, and tapping into the reader’s emotions is the sure way to do it.

You need to produce excellent content that your target audience would search for and enjoy reading. Users want to be involved and understood. And by empathizing with your audience, you’ll, without a doubt, build a following.

Here are tips to help you make your content rock:

Know What Your Target Audience is Searching for

Getting that awesome content rocking means first getting to understand like the back of your hand what your customers are searching for both in function and content form. Does your content create a huge impact for you readers?

To be sure that your content is relevant to users, ask yourself: What information is a user looking for on a given topic? What keywords are they using as they look for this information?

The secret to success here is using keywords that search engine are likely to pick up and ensuring you are writing about something that your audience is interested in.

For instance; you are reading this article because, first the headline intrigued you, and secondly because you are interested in how these tips will help you improve your content marketing.

Create Shocking and Compelling Titles

It’s the title that makes it or breaks it. Put more effort in generating a catchy title that will tempt your reader to share your content.

A great title does just spark interest, but also sets up your promise/benefit, and ignite emotion even before reading your article.

Be sure to factor in the keywords in your headline. They will enable your post to live on in the search engines long after publishing.

Utilize Sub-Headings

More often than not, people don’t read articles online; they just scan through. Nothing makes a reader want to click back faster than a massive wall of text.

If at a first quick glance, a reader can’t spot an answer, he will click back and find a shorter page as an alternative or his attention will be drawn by another grabbing headline.

To be useful, ensure your content has a structured and purposeful outline. Subheading will help you put thought in an organized manner.

Write for one reader

How do you feel when you receive a generic email? How do you feel when somebody addresses you as part of a group? Doesn’t it turn you off a little bit? As one recipient among many, doesn’t it make it easier for you to ignore the message?

Yes, you are writing for an entire audience. However, when crafting your content, write it like you are writing to one reader.

Remember you are writing a message that you believe each and every member of your target audience will relate to or that will help them solve a challenge they are facing.The sure way to captivate your readers is to address them as if it’s just the two of you in a room.

Use power words to involve your audience

Utilize power words as you tell your story. Incorporating terms such as “you” and “your” will significantly impact on your audience.

The good thing with power words is that they help to engage your audience directly and pulls them more into the narrative; hence they are likely to take action.

Never allow your audience to read your content from a detached perspective.

Let pictures help tell your story

Stock photos may look lovely, but the question is, do they tell readers about the real you?  Probably not, they’re too generic.

You may use stock photos on your site to help break up what would otherwise refer to as a copy-heavy page, however, when it comes to products and people, real photos work best.

Customers would prefer to see what they’re buying and who they’re buying it from as well.

Avoid use of jargon

If you can drive the point home, with the use of clear and straightforward language, please do. You don’t need to sound intelligent by use of industry jargon.

In fact, it is the simple writing that is more appealing and pleasing to the readers. Use of technical terms will only make your reader confused.

Take a break

To be creative and write in a compelling, concise and clear way, you need to rejuvenate your mental energy.

Taking breaks as you write will help you focus on your thoughts to produce engaging content on a regular basis.

Final word

Remember your goal as the content marketer is to provide a benefit to the reader. Knowing the benefits and vividly explaining it to the audience in need is the top secret to making your content marketing rock.

So as you craft your next piece, ask yourself, “What’s beneficial about this story? What is the best way to give it a positive message or angle?” Find it, and you have just found the key to viral content.

Get more tips on content marketing here. If you need help, feel free to contact us.



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