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Link Building: Digital Marketing Tips

A Preface to Backlinks

A well-rounded analysis of over 1 million Google search results states that links are the main page ranking factor. According to Google, Backlinks are one of the top3 ranking signals.


Links both internal and external are important to SEO because of the direct quality/quantity correlation of link to the user’s site along with it, it also judges how much search traffic the user’s site receives.

The Value of a Link

There are a few factors which contribute to the value of a link and these links further make the website more valuable.


  • Relevance- links from relevant websites helps search engine figure out what the site is about, which further helps in page ranking. Search engines are smart devices which automatically links relevant content links.
  • Security- for any website to flourish it is important for the owner to link matter from trusted and secure sources. Getting links from important websites prohibits infiltration from spamming sites.
  • Diversity- website owners form a natural link profile with a variety of links ranging from- links from local organizations, website directories, site reviews from Insider pages, Google Places or links shared on other people’s Facebook pages.


Links help build brand awareness, builds exposure and increases website traffic. They serve as a remarkable marketing tool. Links are like an adhesive holding the internet together.

Sources for Acquiring High-Quality Links

Backlinks are a vital scope for SEO when search engines calculate the relevance of a site to a keyword, they take into consideration the number of Quality inbound links to that site. Quality Backlinks may be acquired from the following sources:


  • Article marketing helps get access over quality backlinks- article marketing should be done on relevant websites.
  • Use of anchor text while promoting a website through article marketing is very necessary.
  • Use of the do-follow article directories is of seminal importance.
  • Quality backlinks can also be acquired by making use of social bookmarking and social networking sites. Most of the sites allow adding links to the website owners page and other sites in the user’s Quality backlinks can also be acquired from press releases – in this regard the content must have a newsworthy and attractive title.
  • A very old fashion yet effective method is using link exchanges, for this the user must have a separate website where other people’s link gets published. Submitting articles and ebooks document sharing website helps acquire quality backlinks. This can simply be done by compiling blog post as PDF files and uploading them to file-sharing Backlinks built to guest blogging and high quality and more secure. A great article can acquire more people to link to it which causes greater authority transfer. Writing valuable comments significantly contributed towards building backlinks – in this regard do-follow comments are the best.


Content Marketing a Web tool for Link Building

A mindfully drafted content can severely influence the salability of an online business. Content Strategy is the science of composing content that could increase brand value and pursue a particular demographic with a strong sales funnel.


  • Original Research- It might be time-consuming but original research and data help answer vital industry queries and provides valuable content to the targetEventually most online public forums that feature discussion boards have backlinks to the original website. Popular forums therefore have the potential to pull in a lot of organic traffic to your website, as long as the content is relevant and original.
  • Visual Assets- Visual graphics attracts visual learners and makes the content more link-worthy. Chart, diagrams, videos, and infographics facilitate understanding and bear greater influencing value. It is important to have a strong content with SEO which helps in pulling up the Page ranks. Paid social advertising often helps the content reach a greater range of audience. Embeddable content such as tools, widgets, and calculators is easily shareable and provides backlinks.
  • Guest Posting and Outreach: High-quality guest posting is a powerful link building tactic. Unique high-quality research is a natural tool for link building. Tailoring the outreach list leads to a greater response.


The Black Hat SEO Strategy

The term Black hat refers to an SEO strategy which violates the search engines guidelines and best practices. Blackhat also builds link wheels and cloak links along with doorway pages. Extensive use of blackhat practices may get the website owner penalized and blacklisted. Using white hat links is a safer option and prevents the website from running into a Google Penguin- algorithm penalty.

Effective Link Building Strategies

Link building is an effective process to build links with other sites. Good backlinks keep a particular website at the top of the SEO engine. Some impactful link building strategies are as follows:

  • Resource page link building- is a page that lists helpful links and resources. Resource pages are undeniably more credible. These pages are generally regarded as respectable and reputable sources.
  • Broken Link building- is a smart tactic which involves finding resources in the website owners niche. It is an effective white hat, scalable, content-focused link building strategy how to recreates broken content and replaces broken links with connected links.
  • Skyscraper Technique- helps get high-quality backlinks and more social shares by creating exceptional content. It helps increase blog authority, exposure and increases overall blog traffic from search engines.

A few Advanced Link Building Strategies are as follows-

  • Guest blogging is an effective tool for simple sharing of information which further helps build a social media traffic
  • Finding competitors using SEMRush helps find common backlinks.
  • Creating ebooks, guides, white papers, how to manuals are great ways to attract new visitors and gain quality links.
  • The inclusion of infographics helps increase the visual appeal and content. Website owners can simply generate embedded quotes and ask people to use it. An average of 12% growth in web traffic is observed with the use of infographics.
  • Link magnetism is a modern principle of link building where the campaign focuses on emotions and needs from the targeted audience by giving incentives to acquire links.
  • Curation- rounding up posts and contents from other related sites not only generate traffic but helps build improved readership and relations.


Link building is an imperative task which SEO performs to get a website ranked well. It requires dedication and consistent effort.



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