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Instagram vs Snapchat: Which will pump up your Business Better?

Since this extraordinary app called Instagram has hit the market, the world is under the influence. Not only has it grown like humongous fungi all over the world, but also has given a few other people to the motivation to create such apps that can leave a long lasting impression on people just like Instagram. And, one such app is Snapchat that has been competing at break-neck speeds to release some amazing new features and keep customers engaged almost 24×7.

So, what is it, the Instagram or Snapchat that is grabbing marketer’s attention?

Well, here is the answer to this question, read here and choose yourself.

Post Type and Editing Features

Snapchat’s direct chat and snaps options enticed people, but the disappearing of posts and messages is what can people let down. On the other hand, people have evolved from a single picture to multiple, even the videos can be uploaded along with Boomerang posts, and their latest feature called Carousel posts. Even the Instagram stories have become the talk of the town.

Advertising: Who’s Better?

Instagram is related to Facebook. It means that if you are posting something on Facebook, you will also get an option to share that on Instagram at the same time. So, both are interconnected and that’s the main reason why people choose this platform to share their content. On the other hand, snapchat’s advertising options vary from content based to sharing something creative and fun. So, on Instagram, the advertising is more robust whereas on Snapchat it is creative and fun. One can simply choose the platform that best suits their needs.

What About Analysis?

If we talk about Instagram, we can easily track the performance, be it through the own reports or native offerings. You can use metrics like count, engagement rates, followers, and likes for measuring the performance. Besides this, you can even rely on the latest feature like Instagram stories for measuring the brand performance.

Snapchat, on the other hand, analyzes the success of the work by viewing the story’s counts and screenshots. But, the sad part is that the figures last until the time your story lasts on your account. This can be disheartening for many people, as some really care about figures. And, disappearing numbers can trouble them.

Both Instagram and Snapchat are the new talk of the town. Both have their own pros and cons. So, it really depends on the business and your motive for choosing the right platform for yourself.

First, analyze your business and then the features of both these platforms to ensure you are landing a right place to promote your business and get the results.

All the best!

Author: Neha Bhardwaj

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