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How to find an SEO company

How to find an SEO company

Choosing the right SEO company is extremely important. Choosing the wrong one will not only waste money but can also damage your existing rankings and get you penalised by Google for using black hat techniques or techniques that are no longer recommended.

Some tips to help decide which SEO firm to choose are as follows:

1: Don’t put too much emphasis on what their Google ranking is

While it does make sense that if they have a high ranking they probably know what they’re doing, it may also mean that they’ve been in business the longest and benefit from the ranking authority that comes with that. Also, it may mean they spend more time and effort on their own ranking that that of their customers. It also may mean that they have to put less effort into providing you a good service as they know that they’ll always get new business enquiries due to their ranking.

The best SEO people may have previously been working at a larger agency and left to set up their own consultancy and therefore have no ranking of their own, however maybe they would be the best placed to do the best job for you.

2. Don’t assume that bigger companies are better than smaller

Some of the best SEO consultants around are freelancers working for themselves. Larger companies may just do a better job of sales and marketing but doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll deliver better SEO results. As they probably have lots of clients already then your business will be relatively less important to them.

3. Don’t listen to over ambitious sales pitches

If someone says that they can guarantee you a number 1 Google ranking then they’re lying to you. There’s no way for anyone to guarantee this and the best consultants wont make these kind of promises. All you can really aim for is someone to understand where you currently are, fix the problems and look to grow traffic across a variety channels using different digital marketing techniques.

Tips for choosing an SEO company

1. Look for sector experience

It’s best to find a company that has several case studies of working with similar companies. If they have been successful for similar companies then it will be easier for them to replicate that for your company. There are many specific blogs, forums and other content sites that are specific to certain industries so if someone already knows about this they will be able to action it quicker and deliver results quicker and cheaper.

2. Speak to several companies

Once you have identified a few companies that have experience of your sector then it’s a good idea to speak to a few of them. Ask about their fee structure as they may have very different ways of charging.

Ask about their areas of expertise, it may be easier to pick one company that can do your organic SEO as well as PPC and social.

Once you have a few quotes then it’s worth trying to negotiate better rates.

3. Agree on objectives

It’s not as simple as just saying “get me more traffic” or “get my to number one on Google”. You need to decide on what you’re trying to active, this could be to gain more sales, gain more subscribers, build up a newsletter sign up list, drive traffic to a download page.

All of the objectives need to be listed out and then agreed on a strategy of how to achieve these. It’s not just a case of getting more traffic as it you need to decide on what the “right traffic”.

4. Agree on Key Performance Indicators and milestones

Just because it’s not possible to guarantee number 1 ranking on Google you can still have KPI’s that are agreed upon. These can be based on increases in traffic, social media activity, influential blog posts and time spent doing on-site optimisation.

5. Agree on regular progress reports

At the start of the relationship there should be a thorough site audit covering on-site and off-site. Then regular monthly/weekly reports covering progress across all agreed KPI’s. It may take a few weeks/months for work to be reflected in traffic and rankings but if nothing is changing after 2-3 months then it might be worth reconsidering which firm you work with.

In conclusion, there’s much more to it that just getting someone to promise they will get you to the top of Google as no one can do this. You need to have a detailed think about what your objectives are and then look for a firm that’s got experience of delivering this and agree on the strategy, KPI’s and regular reporting



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