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Guidelines for the correct HTTPS setup

Google has explained that sites using HTTPS will get a minor search positions raise; many websites have observed losses scheduled to incorrect implementation many people have begun to include this in their SEO strategy already.

Large amount of sites has migrated to HTTPS but hasn’t done it appropriately and could be losing from the HTTPS positioning boost. Some have created more problems on their sites by not migrating appropriately also.

This is a set of the guidelines for the correct HTTPS set up to avoid SEO issues:

  1. Make sure your HTTPS site version is added in Google Search. In Google Search Console, add both www and non-www versions. Placed your preferred website under the HTTPS types.
  2. 301 redirect HTTP versions with their HTTPS variants
  3. Ensure all inside links indicate the HTTPS version URLs.
  4. Ensure canonical tags indicate the HTTPS Web address versions.
  5. Make sure your XML Sitemap includes the HTTPS Link versions.
  6. Ensure all exterior links to your website that are under your control, such as social media profiles, indicating the HTTPS Web address versions.



Author: rksistu