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How could Google Transit help your Customers reach you?

Accessibility & Communication Lines: Essentials of a Business Model

What are those 3 things that you must have to make your business work? As the proverb goes, it is indeed Location, Location, and Location!!

Truly, the success of a business venture depends on the ability of the intended customer and the service provider to be able to reach each other. Unless the operation is completely digitalised, physical reach and accessibility makes or breaks a business venture.

How is Transit becoming a serious problem for any business?

A very common problem that many newly functional ventures face is how to reach their target audience and conversely, if they have set up a shop, then how to help the target audience reach them. This is a problem, which might be predominantly faced by smaller ventures that do not need to worry about supply chains, delivery services or shipment and cargo reception or delivery services that cover entire cities or countries or even a continent. However, in this age of globalisation, every single venture big or small needs to be connected, 24*7, by any means possible.

Making delivery to a wrong address, choosing a transit path that is more expensive, choosing a harder transit path due to a lack of geographical, economic or socio political ignorance can easily set your business back severely. The accumulative loss incurred by large-scale companies where a lot of money is wasted upon inefficient & time-consuming transit planning decreases the profit margin by quite a few notches. For a start-up, this loss might be of a significant proportion and can force them to shut their doors.

How can this be overcome?

The easiest way to overcome such problem is by tapping into a dependable repository of knowledge and years of gathered data, which upon analysis can produce the best possible result under different constraints and requirements. What better way of doing that is by taking help from Google, one of the largest databases of maps, locations, street routing and directions that spans over almost the entire habitable world and then some.

What is Google Transit?

Google Transit was launched in 2007 for public usage and since then it has been one of the most popular transit planner and route assistant all across the world. This transits incorporates the layout of a city’s transit map into its servers with the help of Goggle Map Service and uses all the data it can gather from the city transit faring system to present a real time transit plan for all interested users. The Google Transit system has been known to calculate a route (and alternate routes also!) from point A to B, presents transit time and cost (which might change dynamically depending on time and traffic) and can compare the trip to a journey that would be completed using a car.

How can Google Transit help you?

  1. A) A few salient features of Google Transit includes
  • It is available in many cities, often covering whole countries, across the world. Chances are that your business already resides in a city or country where the technological setup necessary to enforce Google Transit is in place. All you will need to do is tap into the service.
  • It is a free service, which does not require any financial investment. Not only you are getting serious help, you are getting it free.
  • The service is supported by a multitude of devices that can be used on the go. All you need is a live data connection that helps you with the real time navigation.
  1. B) How does the service solve your Transit Problems?

The applications of Google Transit that can be incorporated into your business transit goes as follows

Journey Planning

GTFS or General Transit Feed Specification is used to supply public transit data in multi modal journey planner applications. This is coupled with a detailed map laid over the city’s connectivity modules that shows which routes can be taken and what is the best transit available between your pick up point & destination. Using these details and visual cues, you can easily plan a journey for your shipment or scheduled delivery over real time.

Accessibility Research

Not only does a business need a solution, it requires the most efficient and the most cost effective solution that enhances the margin every time. By using Google Transit, you can compare the accessibility using different routes and at different points of time in a 24 hour business frame. This way you can not only compare between different routes for the same transit plan but you can plan it according to your time constraints. This winning characteristic has helped innumerable businesses find their footing properly.

Comparing Service Levels

Google Transit has also been used to compare and measure changes in service levels across different transit service provisions, whether implemented or proposed. Thus can be done either by using the already available GTFS data or by incorporating the proposed changes into the service. This way even if there are some incoming changes to the transit routes or services or rates, you shall be prepared well in advance to negate any problems and magnify your returns.

Subscribing to Transit Providers

There are plenty of third party transit service providers who will be more than happy to help you with all your requirements. This way, although you need to pay a little bit to the providers, you get to be free from worrying about the technicalities. These service providers also use Google Transit and they will provide you the best possible solution that you require.


When in dire need, trusting Google Transit for solving your accessibility woes is a wise decision. Having a dependable service that is always online and ever prepared to help you dynamically is a huge advantage. It not only helps a business to communicate within itself but also helps the business to reach their customers. With changing times, even the customer base is coming forward and getting in touch with the service providers, using the same Google Transit tools.


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