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What Does Google Mean by Unique Website Content?

“Content is king.” This is a phrase that has been used by search engine optimization (SEO) experts and internet marketers for a long time. However, they fail to mention that not all content is king. Content needs to be unique, focused and high quality to be regarded as king. Unfortunately, all this detail is not divulged and results in misconceptions and heated arguments over the internet.

Before moving forward, the term unique website content should be defined first. Unique website content means how authentic the words, sentences and paragraphs are in your passage that is posted on a website. Although Google gives immense importance to content with high amount of information incorporated, it also gives significant weightage to content that is not available anywhere else over the internet. Placing unique content on a website or a blog is integral for high placement on search results. Google has always placed heavy emphasis on unique content and attributes it as one of the reasons why users would opt for a website as opposed to another.

Google has regarded unique content as one of the characteristics of a good website. The provision of unique and high-quality content enhances the user experience and will result in more pageviews and higher time on site.

This begs the question that any person can take inspiration from someone else’s work, paraphrase it and in a way, make it unique. However, there are couple of problems with this approach of producing unique content.

Firstly, these days everybody is doing it. A person is just paraphrasing another person’s work. However, the content is delivering the same message but in a different manner. This means that there is lack of originality in the passage and there is a high likelihood that the content produced can be highly similar to other plagiarists over the internet with very minute differences. Nowadays, Google has revolutionized itself to identify between the quality of content. Any content rephrased can be identified back to its original author and the content plagiarized would not receive the same rankings or importance as the original content.

In addition to this, just paraphrasing someone else’s work without proper research can cause misrepresentation of facts on a massive level. If an article on a certain topic has been rephrased and produced numerous times over the internet from an original article, a search result would all these articles with the incorrect information appearing in the search result.

Now it has been established that rephrasing someone else’s work is not the way to produce unique content. Let’s go over some of the guidelines on how to produce unique content. Start writing on topics regarding which a writer has certain level of expertise. This way a writer would be able to produce original content that is the product of the writer’s mind. Secondly, the writer should keep the writing style simple. Instead of using complex sentence structures and complex words, a writer should keep it easy so that the reader keeps on reading without difficulties.

Thirdly, by keeping it simple, content remains interesting as it is easy to understand and keeps the readers involved. If the reader loses interest in the content then the content is of no use. Finally, staying focused on the topic is perhaps the most important thing of them all. Everything is available over the internet. However, a user has opted for a particular website because the user thinks that they would certain information in a concise manner.

Finally, producing unique content is not about rephrasing someone else’s work, it’s about producing original content. Producing unique content is much more than beating the plagiarism checker, it’s about providing authentic and relevant information. This is rewarded by Google by higher ranking on the search result.


Author: Tahir Ashraf

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