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Getting the most out of your Youtube Videos  


Just like you optimize your content using Search Engine Optimization techniques to get the maximum possible traffic to your website, you can also optimize your videos to get the most possible views.

But first let’s get one thing out of the way; are Youtube videos really necessary ?

The appeal of Youtube Videos for a business

For certain search queries a video works better than a website with content. For example if you wanted to know “How to tie a tie” or “degrease your bike chain” would you read an article or see a short video which demonstrates how its done?

This is a rhetorical questions, because a quick Google search will turn up videos in the very start.  So this tells us two things. People often prefer to see videos for a quick “fix” and if you have a business you would want to make videos that will give people some benefit seeing rather than a promotional video about your business. So if you are selling hair straighteners, you can make a video about quick tips for straightening curly hair.  And bam you have a video that people will actually want to see, and you can sneak in your product too. The description can also have a link leading back to your website. Your “advertisement” is actually helpful to the consumer, thus making it the best kind of advertisement there is.

Simple tips for getting more views

  • Rename the raw video file

Just like when uploading images, the file name matters when uploading videos, because this is Youtube, and like all of Google’s products it is pretty damn smart. Youtube can read your video’s filename.  This is the first step.

  • Add more info to the video file

You can more info to your video file, like tags, genre and comments. All this helps when Youtube is ranking your video.

It is quite simple, right click your video file and click on “Get Info” or if that is not showing then click on “Properties” and then go to “Details”.  Fill in all possible details like comments and tags.  Once done you are ready to upload the file onto Youtube.

  • Writing the description

There are many people who say that a huge description will not help in ranking the video any better however the description is still a useful place to get people to come onto your platform.

So in the description you could have at least 200 words of original words, which best explain what the video is about (no keyword stuffing). You can also add external links to your website and relevant social profiles.

  • Boosting the video

This is the most difficult part. You will have to bring an audience to your videos to get the ball rolling. This is in itself a whole topic but one can always start with one of my favorite ways to promote a video, especially a video that answers a query.

So to get views you need to get your video link to people. Just share it blindly here and there and it will look like spam. So what do you do? My favorite place to share a video of a tutorial nature is to go to Quora, find a relevant thread and once I find the threat the job half done. So first write an answer that actually does answer the query and then go on to add your video for further explanation.

  • Finding the perfect SubReddit

This is challenging but if you have the right video, then you can get some great engagement from Reddit.


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