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How to Get Your Website to the Top of Google?

A website should be most relevant to searches run by a user to come as the top pick by Google. A website for a small business should be optimized according to the nature of the business. However, it is not as easy as it sounds. Google is in the business of satisfying its customers by providing them the best search result to a query. Google does this because it generates revenue when its search engine is used and people click on their advertisements. Thus, it is in Google’s best interest to provide the most relevant search result. If a user does not get a relevant result then the user can opt to use an alternate search engine. And the matter of fact is that Google is so good at it’s job, Google has become a synonym for search. The takeaway is that a website should focus upon most relevant to the related search terms entered in Google search.

The first step in getting your website to the top of Google results is by having it configured with Google Search Console and Google My Business. All the information related to the website should be provided. Following this, the level of competition that a website may face in search ranking depends upon the specificity of the search term and the geographical reach that a website wants to achieve. Along with this, some simultaneous activities should be conducted to get better search results for all terms.

Firstly, the ranking of the business name should be done. This can become an easy task if a unique business name is selected. This can be done by on page optimization and some incoming links and citations. The task can become a challenge if the business name is generic or competes with a well-known domain in the same geographic range. The website should also be ranked in the related geographic area.

Furthermore, the website should be ranked for the related product or service in the country it is operating. The level of difficulty depends upon the product or service. If the product or service is provided by thousand other businesses then it would be a very challenging task to get a high ranking for a product or service. To overcome this obstacle, a business would require unique content, a great user experience and other factors.

After all these developments, search engine optimization (SEO) comes in. SEO is conducted to make the website as relevant as possible for a search engine so that it can obtain the highest rank in search. It is very difficult to tell exactly how to get a website to a number one ranking on Google, but getting to the top of Google heavily depends upon the reputation of the website and how user-friendly web pages are when matched against queries for keywords. Prominent brands are an example of this as they have high online positive brand equity, which helps them to rank top of Google.

The reputation of a website is raised by the number of quality web pages that link anywhere the website. In most instances, relevant pages with the highest and the best links have a top ranking in natural organic listings on Google. The level of marketing activity also has a bearing on the reputation of a website. If the marketing activity is effective then the users would recognize a brand and would be interested in visiting your website by searching through relatable keywords on Google.


In the end, getting to the top of Google highly depends upon the level of competition for a keyword and the reputation of a website. The level of competition depends upon the frequency of search for a keyword. The higher the search for a keyword then the higher competition for ranks for that keyword.


Author: Tahir Ashraf

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