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How to Get Google Rating Stars?

The display of stars below the page titles reflects trustworthiness to the searcher. As a result of the stars, some websites have observed an increase in click-through rate (CTR) by 20% to 30%. The stars operate as endorsements from prior users of the product or service.

There are two significant steps that must be followed when a website is trying to achieve star ratings.

1. Trusted Review Sites

A website should get authentic reviews from real customers on a review site that is trusted by Google. For a book, it could be Amazon, Yelp, Barnes and Noble etc. For businesses, it could be Google’s “My Business” section. Google’s “My Business” is a platform that requires a business to register itself and give all the necessary information like the category of business, hours of operations, locations etc. If the entry passes Google’s guidelines then the result is suitable to appear in search results and maps. Google trusts its own review platform the most in terms of reviews and stars.

Being listed on Google’s “My Business” means that people can post reviews about the website or business. As stated before, Google ranks its review service as the highest and thus the stars appearing in the search results are based upon this. It normally takes minimum of five reviews before the stars begin to appear in the search result. However, it is recommended to get as many reliable reviews as possible, to build credibility with the searcher that would result in higher CTR.

However, it is a very difficult task to find a review page on Google’s “My Business” platform. Usually, the review page comes in front of a user as a popup when they are trying to find a My Business listing for a website or a business. After the box appears, a user has to click on the “Write the Review” link. For a business trying to obtain reviews, asking its users to follow this method would be a very challenging task. However, there are websites like grade.us that provide links that can take the user to the Review page immediately. These links can be placed on the website and sent to satisfied customers for feedback. After a healthy number of reviews have been accumulated then it’s time to move to the second step.

2. Schema Markup

For a website to obtain star ratings in Google search results, it must apply something known as “schema markup.” It is a code that is incorporated into a website to assist bots provide more educated results to searchers. Schema markup has defined several types of data in distinct categories. However, a website opting for star ratings should be interested in the category of Local Business or Product. A local business is required to provide basic information such as its name, logo, nature of business, hours of operations, email address, telephone number etc. Incorporating this in the website in a way that Google’s bot can interpret it would be a very challenging task for someone with little or no technical background. This where the web developer comes into play. One of the items in the schema markup is star ratings itself. Just like all the other information, the code for star ratings is incorporated into the website also. After all the coding has been incorporated, it can be tested on Google’s Structured Data Testing tool. Some errors may rise if some information is not provided. However, it would not stop the overall process, if the required information is not necessary.

After the above two steps have been implemented, the likelihood of obtaining star ratings also depends upon the authority of the website. The authority of a website improves by putting up high quality content and proper search engine optimization (SEO) setting.


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