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Digital Marketing trends in Bangladesh

Online Business- A ruler in Digital Marketing

Online business is a vast platform for digital marketing as it is an effective way to reach out to the potential customers and advertise your goods or services precisely of his particular interest. One must focus on the culture, language, demographic of the region or country of his interest to plan his business ideas according to the people of those countries’ demand or maybe according to their browsing habit, to legalize his business and to manage an easy-to-use website and perform SEO optimization to drive traffic to his site.

His website should be user-friendly and of course mobile-first. He has to create urgency for his products or services and to include his customers to an opt-in list so that he can maintain relations with them regularly via email and to lure them to buy complementary products or services of their original purchase via his Thank You page. Unlike the US which has DSP(Demand Side platform) for online advertising, countries of South Asia largely depends on the social networks like Facebook & Twitter for their advertising as those networks thrive with users of different varieties of interests countrywide.

Moreover, in South Asia especially in India and Bangladesh, most potential customers don’t use credit or debit card frequently, so credit or debit card penetration rate does not count the big picture of the market size of that region. So the entrepreneurs who are willing to start an online business in those countries have to consider the ‘Cash on Delivery’ payment option. In countries like India & Bangladesh income level of people varies so widely, so entrepreneurs also have to consider that fact while they are advertising in a particular region.

Entrepreneurship is an art of seeing through possibilities where no one can. In this article, the possibilities for online businesses in Bangladesh will be focused upon as people here have been used to online marketing to a great extent in recent years. The factors for which online business in Bangladesh is boosting are the rapid growth of cyber café in Bangladesh, rapidly increasing access to the internet, increase in numbers of computer users, availability of internet services via broadband, increasing of middle-class families with spending capabilities who have very limited time for shopping. Many of the middle-class families have started to depend on the internet to satisfy their shopping needs. If you care to study further, you can study this paper here http://www.slideshare.net/limonfnb/e-shopping-in-bangladesh

Remarkable E-commerce sites
Because of low rent and overall low overhead cost, some E-commerce sites made a remarkable progress in recent years in Bangladesh. To exchange the second-hand product with negotiable price, Bikroy.com is an ideal marketplace in Bangladesh. This is a great site if you are willing to sell your old cycle or old television set with the negotiable amount of money and you want to advertise it or to buy a second-hand product and you have to search for it within your region. You can buy or sell anything here like used electronics, used automobile, used crockery & garden instruments, pets, job advertisement, tuition advertisement and much more.





You can buy or sell within the region you are in at the real time or from the capital Dhaka city. Similar service is provided by Ekhanei.com and Clickbd.com which always maintain a caution for customers by arranging written receipts before any payment making themselves one of the safest marketplaces in the country.



An online bookshop for all the book lovers
For book lovers, Rokomari.com provides a great service in Bangladesh. After struggling through jam riddling street all day, people sometimes have seldom to go out again to buy books. Still, there are many book lovers in Bangladesh and to fulfill their demands, Rokomari.com provides a home delivery services to them. Buyers can choose any payment option from debit/credit card to ‘Cash on delivery’. Besides, many electronics and accessories are also available with books in this site.

Affiliate Marketing
Many websites nowadays help new entrepreneurs to reach new customers to promote their businesses with maximum exposure. In this way, a numerous deal of products is promoted into those websites. They promote these products by representing them with a review. People in Bangladesh recently have been used to purchase from this kind of websites like Priyoshop.com, Ajkerdeal.com, Aponzone.com, iferi.com, Akhoni.com etc. They provide products according to the specific season, the specific choice of persons of different ages. Dresses for different seasons, accessories, gears and gadgets are available on these sites.

You tubing
Recently many people have grown interested to open a YouTube channel. Many YouTube channels in Bangladesh nowadays has been earning many views. You tubers can monetize through Google AdSense integrated with YouTube. The more views they get the more they earn.
Personal Blogging
A web page, a hosting and a domain and simply 10k Bangladeshi taka- is all you need to start a personal blogging. In Bangladesh, many people have started to write personal blog on various topics like healthcare consultancy, social media consultancy, shopping guideline, programming, political column writing etc. They can monetize by advertising. By CPC/PPC (Cost per click or Pay per Click) ads, they can earn from a personal blog to a great extent. Also, they can earn by selling digital products for a price like eBooks, songs, images or movie links via their blogs.
Local Tour Consultancy Blogging
Bangladesh is great known for her natural beauty. Many people each year travels to observe its great beauty. To provide a proper guideline many tour consultancy blogging comes to a great help. This kind of blogging feels much more like personal blogging except the bloggers just not only recommend which place to visit, but also provide the information of traveling cost, distance, transport, hotel rents etc. The bloggers earn via cost per click mentioned before.
Social Marketing
Social Media is becoming larger marketplace than any other competitor in the field. A great many hours of people of this country is spent on social media like Facebook, Twitter and all kinds of global organization are becoming more interested in social marketing as in this way they can reach out the customers for their particular interest easily just by luring them to like their social network pages and can connect to them easily.
Web Development Companies
Web peers is a remarkable site that helps the company to digitalize according to twenty-first century needs. By Web Development, Social Marketing, Software development web peers help any companies to take several steps ahead of their competitors and to stand out of the crowd by mitigating their customers need via digital marketing. These kind of technical services are helping companies unlike anything before and helping to spread out the social marketing countrywide.

Female entrepreneurship in Bangladesh
Many female entrepreneurs have brought about inspiring change in Bangladesh. Great craftsmanship has always been a part of the cultural heritage of Bangladesh and female entrepreneurs have been using online marketing to bring back that glory with remarkable success. They can now advertise for their handmade products like Nakshi Kantha and sarees online via affiliate marketing and can sell them. Bibi Productions is a worth mentioning name regarding this matter.

It is a world renowned fashion house working with craft people in Bangladesh. The vision of the founder Bibi Russell is working with people to save crafts and to revive their dream. For technology-related entrepreneurship, Techmania is a remarkable mention founded by Taslima Miji. It provides hardware-related services, i.e. computer, computer assembly, networking and computer items and repairing and troubleshooting. For social good companies by female entrepreneurship team engine limited is worth mentioning. Founded by Samira Zuberi Himika this for-profit social good company works on entrepreneurship development, public health communications and solutions for socially excluded groups. Maya.com.bd is another website found by a successful female entrepreneur Ivy Huq Russell. This particular website is very helpful to women who need to learn or to share useful and trusted information to empower themselves. As for a pregnant woman, she needs to learn more about her body and pregnancy during her first pregnancy. She can get help by learning useful information from this site.

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