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A Comprehensive List of Potential SEO Tools for 2017

If you want to bring the best SEO tools in a single place, let’s have a look at this guide. I have tested and reviewed a number of free as well as paid SEO tools and here I have put some of them for your reference. Go through the tools and choose the one that fits you and your needs, perfectly.

It is pertinent to mention that the SEO tools that I’ve mentioned below would help you with different areas of SEO or search engine optimization and those are Technical SEO, Link Building, Rank Tracking, Keyword Research, Backlink Analysis and Content Optimization.


Google Analytics

If you’re really interested in SEO, you can’t ignore Google Analytics.

Go to Acquisition -> Search Console ->Landing pages. This way you can bring up the web pages that have received the most impressions as well as clicks from Google. CTR represents the pages, which got the best click-through-rate (CTR). Now apply those ingredients from description tags and title of the pages with best CTR to the pages with bad CTR. And watch your organic traffic moving on up.


Penguin Tool

Did your site get dinged by Penguin, Panda or any other Google algorithm? Well, you can use this tool to get to the root of the issue. Link up your Penguin with Google Analytics and it will show whether or not the organic traffic dip to your site occurred at the time same as a Google update.



Muck Rack

If your goal is get backlinks and mentions from leading sites such as Forbes and New York Time, start rubbing your shoulders with the journalists. And Muck Rack is a great PR tool to help you easily find the journalists working in your niche industry.

The ‘Journalist Directory’ featured by Muck Rack is a manually curated list of journalists across more than 500 media outlets along with their columns, latest Tweets, and updated contact info.



Like many other link building tools, LinkMiner also checks for broken links on any given web page. But the specialty of this Chrome extension is that it also shows the number of links the broken link has. It is absolutely important for broken link building. LinkMiner shows the number of outbound links a page has on Google SERP. And this way you may zero in on different pages with a number of outbound links and thus broken link building opportunities.



Authority Labs

This is an easy-to-use and dependable rank tracking tool. Even the cheapest plan tracks 250 keywords and that is well enough for most businesses. If you want to go for local SEO, the tool can also track Google+ local results.


AMZ Tracker

This tool is a must for those who sell their products on Amazon. It tracks a company’s ranking on Amazon.com as well as international Amazon sites such as Amazon.in. Its ‘On Page Analyzer’ feature can evaluate the Amazon product page for important and necessary SEO metrics such as high-res images and positive reviews.


Keyword Research

Google Keyword Planner

This is the best and the only keyword tool to provide you with data right from the horse’s mouth. GKP tells you how likely a prospective buyer searching for any particular keyword would buy from you. Now let me tell you how they do it. Have a look at both the ‘competition’ and ‘estimated bid’ columns. If both of them are high, you’re likely to have a keyword that works well and ensures better conversion rate. Instead of straight-up search volume, it’s better to put weight on this.



This is perhaps the most updated keyword research tool available on the market. Like other Keyword Research Tool, this would also provide you with probable suggestions whenever you enter any seed keyword. Besides, it can do a lot more than simply listing out a roll of relevant keywords. It can also spit out low competition keywords. It shows keywords with minimum CPC in Google Adwords. Keywords having Ebay, YouTube and Amazon results on the first page are also shown by SECockpit. But the specialty of the tool is that it scrapes ‘searches similar to…” from the bottom of Google’s search results and let you discover the keywords that otherwise would have been missed.



SEO Tools for Excel

This tool can easily check your site’s backlinks through Majestic API, HTTP status, social shares, external links, word count and more. And everything is done from within Excel.




With its amazing features, BuzzSumo took no time to grow as a must-have content optimization tool. It makes finding thriving content just like a walk in the park. Its ‘View Shares’ feature shows who have shared pieces of content on Twitter. BuzzSumo alerts notify you whenever a phrase or a keyword gets mentioned anywhere on the Web.


QuickSprout Website Analyzer

This is a fantastic website analysis tool. Just get connected to your Google Analytics with this amazing tool to let it analyze your site’s visibility, SEO, social shares, web page loading speed and lots more. It also provides actionable suggestions and downloadable information.


Hope you find the above-mentioned information handy and helpful. Be it positive or negative – please don’t miss to leave your comment on this story.


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