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Blogging makes Money: Myth or Truth?

Money has the power to make your life better in almost all the ways. And, those who say that money can’t buy happiness, ask them who are making six figures a year what it is like to earn a handful of bucks every month.

So, it seems you too are a part of the league who wants to earn the same. For that, you actually started a blog since you have heard it is a pretty easy way to earn cash, right? But, that thought of becoming a blogger was perhaps easier than actually earning money through it.

But, how they all are becoming rich just by posting a few blogs every week? Is there something magical that we don’t know about or is there anything that we don’t know?

Well, we believe it is something that we are lacking in. there is something that we don’t know about? So, how do we decide whether money making through blogging is a mere myth or an utter truth?

Why not discover it yourself here?

Step #1 Create a Blog

So, the first step is to create a blog. Don’t worry if you are new to this and have no idea about creating the blog. To do this, you will have to decide several things, which are:

  1. Decide what you should blog about
  2. Choose a trending platform for blogging
  3. Find trusted and reliable hosting
  4. Pick a unique domain name
  5. Install WordPress
  6. Design and develop your blog and use

Step #2 Curate Creative Content

The very next step would be to create some unique and useful content that draws the attention of your customers. Write something informative and valuable that helps them. If you really feel stumped at this point, choose to write something that solves their problem, relieve some sort of fear, and help them to reach their goal, or simply entertain them. You must have blog visitors to make money from it. And, for visitors, there is a need of creating some high-quality blogs that can attract more and more visitors.

Step #3 Build Customers on Social Media Channels

Social media has gained popularity these days. Almost the entire world is using one or the other social media. And, using these channels to promote your blog is the best thing you can do to reach larger groups of people. So, why not become a part of this league and make the most of the social media!

Step #4 Direct Advertising

Ad sense may be one of the best advertising programs for bloggers, but not the only best one. Of course, affiliate advertising works, but it comes with certain limitations as well. And, the biggest limitation is the cost that you get through pay per click. Make a strategy that helps you grab direct advertisements by replacing those Ad Sense units with direct ads instead.

Step #5 Create & Sell eBooks

Why do those top businessmen sell eBooks? Well, it makes them earn through it! For people like us, we can easily create an eBook by using existing blog content. All we need to do is choosing an interesting topic, compile it into an eBook, and simply put it on sale on Amazon or may be your blog. Having your own product is the best way to generate passive income, isn’t it?

So, when blogging can help you earn so much, why go out and work for somebody else. Simply, commence blogging and let your bank balance get a boost like never before today.


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