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Advanced SEO Techniques for Mindful Copywriting

Most copywriters usually lack great SEO skills, which is why business owners need to additionally hire a SEO expert. This adds to the budget overhead and significantly shoots up the turnaround time.
So if you are capable of impressive copywriting and also have excellent SEO skills, you would be rather unstoppable. While business owners would save some top dollars, you shall never have a dearth of work.

Here are a few Tips to enhance your SEO copywriting skills beyond the Sheer Average


Unlike what most people think, SEO is more than just arranging keywords in sequence and achieving certain keyword density. The secret lies in structuring your document to achieve better search engine rankings. Udemy is a well arranged and informative online directory hosting a range of courses on SEO copywriting. https://www.udemy.com/

Bucket Brigades

Another key factor affecting your page rank is the average bounce rate. While some web pages (and the content) severely fail to capture prolonged user interest, the other band of web pages simply “glues” the readers for a really long time. The arrangement and quality of content is the key decisive factor that helps in hooking interested readers. From the business owner point of view:

The business conversion rate is significantly improved when users stay back long on the web page. They tend to end up buying certain product or service offered by the website.
The overall sales funnel is improved.

Bucket Brigades essentially are an old-time copywriting technique solely designed to keep readers from reading relatively “boring” sales letters. You need to add

Bucket Brigades to snippets of your contents that seem boring. Readers are most likely to hit the “Back” button around these contents. Some examples of interesting

Bucket Brigade content could be:

  • Add quick teasers: “5 Things you absolutely Need to know”
  • Evoke curiosity: “Here’s a quick home remedy for intense back pain”
  • Promise a solution: “Insomnia is totally curable. The Sleepless nights are over.”
  • Choosing the Right Blend of Keywords
  • Google doesn’t care if you are pushing in a series of Keywords all across the document. Every other copywriter is doing the same as an easy (and naïve) SEO approach. You need to choose the LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) Keywords carefully. LSI is basically a collection of “synonyms and closely related words” that align with the theme of the article.

So if your article is about Casino slots reviews, the list of LSI could include “Online Slots”, “Slot Reviews”, “Slot machines”, “Slot themes”, etc.
Look into Forums and Threads for most searched Key phrases
After you are done with the basic SEO techniques and before you hit the “Publish” button (for an article), spend some time researching around forums and threads. Look out for popular keywords and phrases that people tend to use in connection to the subject you wrote on.

  • Search with some keywords that you find most closely resemble your article topic.
  • Look through the first few search results and select a phrase that you could fit into your article.
  • Place the phrase tactfully into your article.

There are several other interesting yet simple ways in which you could implement top class SEO after copywriting. The above lists are the most popular approaches.

Your copywriting prowess can yield positive results only when the SEO implemented in the article is good enough. With 93% percent, online experiences starting with search engine, it is important for web pages to dish out relevant and helpful content at the right time to the right user.


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