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A Digital Marketing Guide to Valentine’s Day [INFOGRAPHIC]

Valentine’s Day is supposed to be the most romantic day of the year (not that we need ONE day to express our love for one another, but let’s face it, many people use it as an excuse to shower their loved ones). This love showering extravaganza also makes Valentine’s Day a goldmine for marketers. And while some people show their love with the usual suspects (chocolate, flowers, dinners), the holiday isn’t JUST reserved for those typical businesses.


Most people now see Valentine’s Day as a time to celebrate with their kids, friends, and even pets….and some even like to refer to it as Single Awareness Day.

But all jokes aside…views on the holiday have significantly shifted, where people now view it as a time to appreciate ALL of their loved ones.

So, no matter what you sell or who your customers are, you can all win their love this Valentine’s Day.

Check out the Valentine’s Day Infographic below to get all the sweet deets on:

  • who’s spending the most money in the name of love
  • what they’re spending their money on
  • why spreading virtual love is key for marketers today
  • and how you can get your customers to fall in love with you


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