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The 4 Digital Marketing trends emerging in the Asian Markets

Changing Face of Conventional Business: 4 Digital Marketing Trends

Redefining the paradigms of Conventional Business

The business and consumer strata of our society have been tearing through the digital landscape with no signs of immediate slowdown. Every alternate day, the markets are abuzz with path-breaking algorithms, software, analytical engines and creative business paradigms that are adding layers to the digital world. The emergence of young, highly talented and vibrant entrepreneurs have been revolutionizing the world of B2B and B2C. Nevertheless, while some of them grab the international headlines consistently, the others gradually fade out.

The Power to Make or Break

Take Pokemon Go craze for example. The game literally took the world, especially the technical affluent young generation by storm in 2016. But it slowed down due to a series of technical as well as safety-related issues cluing the marketers into the leeway of augmented reality. On the other hand, Snapchat has been holding its position in the kingdom of social media since its inception in 2012.  This mobile app has clued digital marketers into the power of expiring content so much that it was offered (and eventually rejected) a $3 billion buy-out from social media giant Facebook.

Such rise and fall of the digital stars prove that new technologies are evolving keeping alongside the varied wants and needs of the Web consumers.

The 4 Digital Marketing trends emerging in the Asian Markets

The concepts of online business offering commodities and services irrespective of geographic boundaries have been prevalent in the Asian and APAC markets, especially the Chinese consumer markets.  In the age of cut-throat competition and piling federal taxes, you must improve and amend your marketing strategy that goes hand-in-hand with technology. Let’s have a look at 4 potential marketing trends that your business should give a try.

Visual Content

In the world of overloaded information, consumers are getting inclined toward a visual version of the content. They are looking for concise, precise and clear information, and visuals can do it just rightly. Statistics say that our brain processes visual information almost 60,000 times faster than that of text. 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual. Therefore, video marketing involving product campaigns, company portfolio videos, interview styled videos and video tutorials are trending.

Interactive Content

The urge to get connected and engaged is what’s driving the demand for visual content. Today, the same urge for getting engaged is leading the digital marketers to find out the enormous need and monumental demand for interactive content that seeks active and direct participation from the users. The new varieties of content like contests, voting, quizzes and polls, calculations, animated infographics and lots more are taking effect. And this adds a new layer of depth to the entire user experience. Testimonials and reviews are collected and serve as a brand advocate in increasing Customer Retention Value (CRV). Implementing customer feedback instills a sense of confidence and belongingness, thereby increasing the Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).

Expiring Content

We’ve already talked about the influence of eminent social platform Snapchat earlier on. But let’s get delved into deeper into the impacts of expiring content on digital marketers and the Internet-savvy, highly-technical consumers. Expiring or outdated content, like live video and irrelevant teaser information, helps to increase enticement amongst the consumers. Product flash-sales, special offer announcements, Breaking News, live company stock updates provided interested viewers with a limited time period to follow the content before they disappear into oblivion and never to be heard from or seen again. This creates a sense of urgency amongst the consumers and helps pique users’ interest to keep their eyes glued to the display in anticipation of what’s coming next.

Live Transmission Content

Well, this could be perceived as another form of Video marketing. Live videos have the capability to get connected and involve the audience more proactively. The Filipino and Singaporean consumer markets have witnessed innovative live shows, where audiences participate through websites and compete. Alternatively, road shows intended to promote certain product travel around collecting legitimate Emails and phone numbers in exchange for free product samples. A quick way of gathering leads and opportunities that get fed into Digital sales funnel thereafter. Live content delivers ample information and collates consumer reactions, thoughts and responses – and everything within a couple of seconds.

The brands are now ‘going live’ through which businesses can endorse their content much ahead of time and accordingly interact in real-time with the consumers. And this ‘live’ thing adds a humanistic element to the brands to help them increase the feeling of honesty and trust amongst its consumers.

To conclude, it’s all up to you whether or not to utilize the supreme power of technology to get connected with your existing customers as well as prospective ones. And these 4 trends are really great jumping off threshold.



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