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10 Takeaways for Mastering Programmatic Remarketing on Google Display

Programmatic Remarketing on Google Display

Turn window shoppers into buyers. Programmatic Remarketing on AdWords Display helps you engage site visitors with personalized ads even after they’ve left your site. Learn how to set up effective tags, remarketing lists, bids and ad formats.

Set Up Smart

  1. Tag your entire desktop and mobile site. 

 Why: Tags capture the customer insights needed for strong remarketing lists.

Segment Your Prospects

  1. Focus your remarketing lists on homepage viewers, category page viewers, product or offer page viewers, cart abandoners and past converters. 
    Why: You can tailor your bids and ads to the ways your most valuable visitors interact.

Set Your Bids and Ad Formats for Success

  1. Pair remarketing with Conversion Optimizer. 
    Why: Dynamic bids usually lead to better results and can save time better spent on other vital areas.
  2. Use all display ad sizes and formats, including text, mobile, image and HTML5. 
    Why: This helps reach your audience at exactly the right moment.
  3. Use dynamic remarketing to show the most personalized ad possible. 
    Why: Consumers who see ads with the actual offer they viewed, or similar offers, are more likely to return to your site to complete a purchase.
  4. Take the next step: move from Conversion Optimizer to target return on ad spend. 
    Why: Moving from target CPA to target ROAS typically results in the most total value at your desired level.

Remove Restrictions for Best Performance

  1. Remove exclusions for languages, locations and placements. 
    Why: When people have visited your site already, they are more likely to purchase regardless of the context.
  2. Automate your frequency caps. 
    Why: Google’s algorithms will optimize frequency caps for you, based on how likely each viewer is to click on and convert from your ad.

Look for New Qualified Customers

  1. Use Similar Audiences or auto-targeting to expand your remarketing lists and reach new customers. 
    Why: These features can boost remarketing volume and acquire new customers at the right cost.
  2. Use In-Market Audiences to acquire new mid-funnel customers. 
    Why: You can drive more qualified traffic to your site when you reach people who are actively researching or intending to buy what you offer.


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Author: rksistu